The X-Men

This is a dream I had last night and I wrote it down this morning for I did not have time to get on my computer and type it.  I do want to state that even though some of my dreams may not seem scary or even nightmare-ish, that there is a feeling of fear in all of them.  So a very normal situation will be filled with anxiety in my dream making it way worse than the normal situation is.  One other thing you will need to know about me for this dream is that I currently have two tattoos; on my right arm I have wording that covers from halfway up the belly of my forearm to the crease of my elbow.  On my left arm I have a prayer that covers the same area as the right.

In this dream N wanted us to get hamsters so we were talking to his little brother, C, about different cages and other things we may need for these little guys.  We knew that they could not be in the same cage because hamsters have a tendency of killing each other.  We ended up at the pet store looking at the hamsters when some girls came up and started talking to N, flirting with him right in front of me.  He noticed I was getting upset and he asked if I wanted to go see the X-Men movie, Logan, and of course I said yes. (I love comic book movies)  On our way there I looked down at my arms and my tattoos were slowly fading away and I couldn’t stop it from happening throwing me into a panic…

Then I woke up.

Thanks for reading!  As always what do you think?