So this dream happened a few days ago and I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget and could write it later in the day…ended up getting sick so, here it is now!

My now boyfriend (we will call him N from now on), N was in the military and had to go somewhere over in Africa and I was living in our house with the dogs just taking care of things until he came home. Well I ended up being able to go to Africa to visit him and he had a surprise for me so I booked the first flight.  When I got there he said he was going to be stationed in Wales and that i could finally be with him.  He also stated that we would be traveling the world and this made me more than gleeful!  At the same time though, there was this underlying stress because he was on the front lines for at least another month before he would be stationed in wales.  So I traveled back home and the dream ended with me packing and singing.

I know this one was short but at least it was a bit sweeter than my other dreams.  I’m really not sure why my mind chose Wales as the destination of choice but whatever works!

I hope you enjoyed and as always, what is your opinion?