Helping Hand

This dream was from yesterday night I was just super busy yesterday and did not get the chance to type it up on here soooo here we go!

People were living in this house with me and the house started to collapse slowly.  Somehow my phone got me safely to the ground but shattered so I couldn’t call for help.  I then began to pick people up from the house and carefully place them on the ground.  It took a lot of strength from me but I was able to save them.  When I got to the last group I asked them if they needed any help getting down to safety and one of them scoffed at me and said “we don’t need your help” and they all chuckled.  I just looked at them and said “it doesn’t make me a bad person to help others.  Just because I was able to get down on my own does not mean others can, I was just trying to help”  Then I walked away and that was the end of my dream.  *I must add the side note that the dream was rich in color mainly blue, yellow, green, and some red.  Very bright though, very vibrant.*

Short but sweet and I think it holds a message very dear to me which is, no matter who you are, you may need help someday; be kind always.

As always what do you think?  I hope you enjoyed!