This dream was very intense as well and also very vivid.  One other thing that you need to know about me is that I work in a profession where my appearance and attitude is everything so the part about my instructor is referring to, what I think is, my underlying fear of not being good enough.

I was with N when I was kidnapped and forced into a relationship with an older, very large, poor hygiene man.  This man also took my three dogs but later dumped them out in the middle of the woods hundreds of miles away from me.  I didn’t know how much time had passed but he was entering me in some sort of competition; I was getting ready with a man my kidnapper put in charge of me, when I walked out of the bathroom and said I’m done.  I am breaking up with him and I am done being here, then I just walked out.  The man said ‘d regret this but I just stuck my tongue out at him because I remembered what my instructor said about always being professional even when you’re not at the office.  I figured flipping him off would make me look bad.  I ran down the stairs and into the auditorium where, to my horror, my kidnapper had my twitter page up on the screen and was talking about how bad of a person I am and that I left him because he was fat.  I ran on stage and said he kidnapped me and that everything he was saying was a lie.  N came and gave me a hug and asked where the girls were…”they were gone…the other men released them into the woods far away.” I said to him.  Flash forward and I am hiking with a friend telling my story.  N and I broke up because of the pain of losing the girls, this is when my friend said “what if they just appeared here lol” and they did.  All three of them came trotting along towards me.  It had been five years, N had already settled down with someone else, but I found the girls and I was at least happy for that.

Thanks for reading! As always, what do you think?



This dream is a very personal one and I debated even writing about it.  I have been through a few abusive relationships in my life but this one was definitely the worst; I still have nightmares about it.  This was my dream last night

I was with, we’ll call him Q, and I was living in the house I do now.  Q was out collecting things to sell to make money (his two friends with him) and I was thinking of how to break up with him.  I called him multiple times and he never answered, this was very common because he often cheated on me, so I left a voicemail asking where he was.  Flash forward and I’m out with a friend at night, she was driving and we were going back to her house but I wanted to show her where I lived.  I took her down the street which looked normal until I go to my house.  It was almost like the street became a tunnel and there were houses just compacted in.  Imagine what you’d see in a movie about the future, one house after another compacted into this wall for saving space.  So we go inside and the back has this staircase that goes nowhere, we’re up by the clouds, and I see Q coming back this direction.  I called again on the phone as he came to the door, he was trying to talk to me but I told him to wait out there for my voice mail.  I basically told him I was done and he had to leave.  He got very angry and began telling me I was worthless and yelling at me very close to my face..I can still see the anger and hatred in his eyes.  Luckily though he walked away and I ended up getting back with N (my now boyfriend).

It was a very intense and vivid dream…panic attack..when I woke up I just touched N’s arm to reassure myself that I was out of that terrible place and that he really was the one sleeping next to me.  If you are ever in an abusive relationship, get out.  It is not worth the strain and stress it does on your mind and body, not to mention the life threatening abuse.  Anyway thank you for reading and as always what do you think?



The X-Men

This is a dream I had last night and I wrote it down this morning for I did not have time to get on my computer and type it.  I do want to state that even though some of my dreams may not seem scary or even nightmare-ish, that there is a feeling of fear in all of them.  So a very normal situation will be filled with anxiety in my dream making it way worse than the normal situation is.  One other thing you will need to know about me for this dream is that I currently have two tattoos; on my right arm I have wording that covers from halfway up the belly of my forearm to the crease of my elbow.  On my left arm I have a prayer that covers the same area as the right.

In this dream N wanted us to get hamsters so we were talking to his little brother, C, about different cages and other things we may need for these little guys.  We knew that they could not be in the same cage because hamsters have a tendency of killing each other.  We ended up at the pet store looking at the hamsters when some girls came up and started talking to N, flirting with him right in front of me.  He noticed I was getting upset and he asked if I wanted to go see the X-Men movie, Logan, and of course I said yes. (I love comic book movies)  On our way there I looked down at my arms and my tattoos were slowly fading away and I couldn’t stop it from happening throwing me into a panic…

Then I woke up.

Thanks for reading!  As always what do you think?


So this dream happened a few days ago and I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget and could write it later in the day…ended up getting sick so, here it is now!

My now boyfriend (we will call him N from now on), N was in the military and had to go somewhere over in Africa and I was living in our house with the dogs just taking care of things until he came home. Well I ended up being able to go to Africa to visit him and he had a surprise for me so I booked the first flight.  When I got there he said he was going to be stationed in Wales and that i could finally be with him.  He also stated that we would be traveling the world and this made me more than gleeful!  At the same time though, there was this underlying stress because he was on the front lines for at least another month before he would be stationed in wales.  So I traveled back home and the dream ended with me packing and singing.

I know this one was short but at least it was a bit sweeter than my other dreams.  I’m really not sure why my mind chose Wales as the destination of choice but whatever works!

I hope you enjoyed and as always, what is your opinion?


I woke up early this morning so I could write this before work…the details tend to get hazy sometimes as the day goes on so…here it is…breakup

I was with my now boyfriend (in real life) and we owned a house that looked different from the one we have now.  This house had three bedrooms all upstairs and the floors were like those in a horror movie; creaky old wooden floors.  One day I came home from work to find out that he was in love with someone else and wanted to be with her instead.  I, of course, was very distraught and asked “what about the dogs? what about everything we’ve been through? what about us!”  He had a blank look and said we will figure out what to do with the dogs and that I could live in the spare bedroom until I found a place to live.  I ran into that spare room crying and calling my dad saying I didn’t know what to do or what i was going to do.  Soon after my room was boarded up and I was told by the new girlfriend that I had to go and he backed her.  Eventually I was on the streets and one day I ran into him and begged him to try again with me.  That I loved him and wanted only him and didn’t understand why he’d do this.

Then I woke up.  I had a headache that felt like i was crying for hours with no tears.  This doesn’t end here though…I fell back to sleep and the next post is that crazy dream!