This dream was very intense as well and also very vivid.  One other thing that you need to know about me is that I work in a profession where my appearance and attitude is everything so the part about my instructor is referring to, what I think is, my underlying fear of not being good enough.

I was with N when I was kidnapped and forced into a relationship with an older, very large, poor hygiene man.  This man also took my three dogs but later dumped them out in the middle of the woods hundreds of miles away from me.  I didn’t know how much time had passed but he was entering me in some sort of competition; I was getting ready with a man my kidnapper put in charge of me, when I walked out of the bathroom and said I’m done.  I am breaking up with him and I am done being here, then I just walked out.  The man said ‘d regret this but I just stuck my tongue out at him because I remembered what my instructor said about always being professional even when you’re not at the office.  I figured flipping him off would make me look bad.  I ran down the stairs and into the auditorium where, to my horror, my kidnapper had my twitter page up on the screen and was talking about how bad of a person I am and that I left him because he was fat.  I ran on stage and said he kidnapped me and that everything he was saying was a lie.  N came and gave me a hug and asked where the girls were…”they were gone…the other men released them into the woods far away.” I said to him.  Flash forward and I am hiking with a friend telling my story.  N and I broke up because of the pain of losing the girls, this is when my friend said “what if they just appeared here lol” and they did.  All three of them came trotting along towards me.  It had been five years, N had already settled down with someone else, but I found the girls and I was at least happy for that.

Thanks for reading! As always, what do you think?



The dream starts out and I hadn’t seen N in a while so it was just Milah, one of our dogs, and I.  We were walking through this area, it looked like a war torn area with dilapidated buildings and broken trees.  Just a very unpleasent area and we were with a group of people; it was very dangerous because the person who was leading us I knew had bad intentions for us.  At one point we come across this alleyway and as we round the corner of the building Milah ran toward this one spot, under what I believe use to be an awning, and she began to dig.  She found this big thing of treasure and that is when the leader ended up catching up to us and he was very upset..he grabbed his gun and loaded two bullets.  He wanted credit for finding the treasure so he was going to kill Milah and I so he could take that credit.  I was running towards him and the shotgun when he pulled the trigger; the bullet was stuck!  I grabbed the barrel and began to wrestle him when he shot another round but again the bullet was stuck!  I ended up overtaking him and that is when N showed up and he asked what was going on.  I explained to him that “somehow we got stuck with this group of people and the leader of the group was trying to kill us and then Milah had found the hidden treasure that the guy was looking for.  Soooo he was going to kill us then I overtook him and here we are.”  N and I held onto the guy until the cops came and that was the end of the dream.

Intense dream! Thanks for reading and as always what do you think?

Black and White Detective

So this blog is a little bit of test for me, I wanted to see if me writing them out on here would help my dreams not be as prevalent and well…it’s true!  Blogging my dreams has made me excited to wake up the next morning to tell my grueling nights tale but now I do not dream quite as often.  I am sleeping more sound which has never happened.  I was out of town the past few days but did not dream much of anything so I thought I would pull a dream from the old dream journal.  This one is one of my darker dreams and I had this one back when I was in high school.

The dream starts out with me on a street and everything is void of color.  I am a detective but of a very specific case, where everything was black and white, some people on this street had colorful clothes on and these were the people I was looking for.  You see we had three larger than life dogs on the loose and these people with the colorful shirts were in serious danger…the puppies of these dogs, well their soul, was trapped in the bodies of the colorful people and these large dogs were going to get them back.  So I walk past housing units and I hear a howl. It is a blood filled howl and I know the dog is close to the first people.  I spot them in the house, a mom, dad, and baby just gathered around the table loving life.  I ran into the house and began to warn them of their impending doom but like any reasonable person they did not believe me and thought me to be crazy. “Larger than life dogs…puppy souls! are you a lunatic?! Get out of my house!”  the man screamed.  I knew that if I did not get to safety that I too would be eaten by these dogs so I ran down the hall to the mans bathroom and hid.  Moments later I hear the glass crashing and the blood curdling screams of the family who was now torn to shreds.  I wait, patiently, as I do not want to interrupt the mother dog and her pup for her pup would be very hungry and I did not want to be the meal of choice.  I wait until I hear utter silence, the ear deafening kind of silence then I leave the bathroom and find the second family.  Everything happened all over again, they didn’t believe me and so I hid in the bathroom until I knew it was safe to come out.  Then the third house happened.  The people didn’t believe me and I hid in the bathroom.  The dog crashed in and killed everyone but then…no puppy.  There wasn’t a yelp of a young pup and everything just went dead.  I cracked open the door just to see down the hallway and there it was…we locked eyes.  This hell hound terrier dog.  It began to sprint down the hallway at me and I slammed the door but…what? this cannot be…the door turned into one of those flimsy catholic confession doors.  The kind with the intricate gauze type of window design made from the wood.  And then I see it.  As the dog pushes me with only the door between us on the floor and wall of the bathroom, teeth inches away from my face…I am in color.

Then I woke up.

I hope you enjoyed!  As always what is your opinion of this dream?  I would love to hear your feedback!