Second Dimension

I have been very sick the past few days so I will have two dreams to catch you up on; this one is one that I had last night and it is a little jumbled but very weird.  The second one I wrote down so I wouldn’t forget, I had that dream two days ago.

I’m in a room of people, not sure if they are friends or what but there is this big purple hole in the wall in front of me but up out of reach.   The room has old wood floors wood walls…just wood planks basically make up this room with this big purple hole (almost like a black hole with movement) up out of reach.  There is a couch to the right of me where a guy sits and two others stand in front of him.  He has apparently just came back through that hole but he left something important on the other side.  So the two other people (a girl and a guy we will call them girl A and guy C)  have to get through that hole to take care of whatever is going on on the other side.  They grab from the wall what I can only describe as blue masking tape, and bungee themselves up and through the hole.  Before they do that though, they yell at me to go with them.  So after they are through, I attempt to do the same thing but the blue tape comes peeling off the wall and the wall starts bleeding as if I just ripped skin off a person.  So now there is this big purple black hole and the wall is bleeding and I need to get to the other side. Girl A pokes her head back through and taunts me “come on don’t be scared just get in here we need you!”  The blue tape appears again but right next to the bleeding strips, and I try again and though I make it, the tape rips down again and causes a bigger wound to the house.  Now on the other side there are larger than life tables and chairs and the room is all white. The room is almost like a giant lives there.  There is a white cat on this side and it is the problem.  It is able to kill you, not entirely sure how but I knew that it was why we were over here in the first place.  There was also a baby over here and the baby  was what the guy on the couch accidentally left in this dimension.  Guy C had grabbed the baby and the cat went ballistic while girl A tried to fight it off and guy C bungeed himself back to the other side with the baby.  We were mid fight and then…

I woke up.  That was it.  Very strange and weird dream even for me.

I hope you enjoyed and please, tell me what you think!


So here is the second dream that I had last night…

I am at the middle school with my boyfriend because we are to watch the building at night.  The principal gave us the keys and told us a little about the school and what to expect, that though many say it is haunted that it is indeed not.  Next thing I know we are alone and he is asleep on the conveniently placed couch in the main entrance.  I start to watch the cameras and notice movement here and there but try to just brush it off because I didn’t want to be freaked out.  Anyone who has seen five nights at freddys, the cameras were set up a lot like that..that creepy something is getting closer but you can’t prove it kind of way.  All of the sudden, we start having customers buying things from the school.  This was odd given she did not tell me that this place ran as a store in the middle of the night so I had no idea how to check these people out or even how they got in the building.  This guy is getting very pissed at me because I didn’t know how to do “my job” and as I try to explain to him that I was unaware that this was not something I was taught, this tall slender man looking thing (like from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children movie) came onto view of one of the cameras.  The man freaked and ran and I ran to my boyfriend trying to wake him up because I could feel this thing coming for us.  I try but he just does not wake up and then I feel it.  I feel it right behind me and fear just takes over.  I felt sick and scared and sad all at once.  I was about to scream!…

But I woke up instead.  And now here I am, writing it here for all of you to read.  Until next time, I hope you enjoyed.


I woke up early this morning so I could write this before work…the details tend to get hazy sometimes as the day goes on so…here it is…breakup

I was with my now boyfriend (in real life) and we owned a house that looked different from the one we have now.  This house had three bedrooms all upstairs and the floors were like those in a horror movie; creaky old wooden floors.  One day I came home from work to find out that he was in love with someone else and wanted to be with her instead.  I, of course, was very distraught and asked “what about the dogs? what about everything we’ve been through? what about us!”  He had a blank look and said we will figure out what to do with the dogs and that I could live in the spare bedroom until I found a place to live.  I ran into that spare room crying and calling my dad saying I didn’t know what to do or what i was going to do.  Soon after my room was boarded up and I was told by the new girlfriend that I had to go and he backed her.  Eventually I was on the streets and one day I ran into him and begged him to try again with me.  That I loved him and wanted only him and didn’t understand why he’d do this.

Then I woke up.  I had a headache that felt like i was crying for hours with no tears.  This doesn’t end here though…I fell back to sleep and the next post is that crazy dream!

Alternate Realities

So this is a nightmare I experienced only a few days ago that made me contemplate alternate realities for a few hours.  I was glad I did not have to work that day because it affected me for almost two days.

I was standing on a balcony of a sort in a city i did not know, but it was obvious that I had lived there for a while and I was laughing with friends I didn’t recognize.  I lost my balance though and plummeted three to four stories to the ground, in slow motion until my head bounced off the ground.  From down the hill my husband (my now boyfriend in reality) came running up the street.  He scooped me in his arms and I take in my surroundings.  A beautiful sunny day, blue skies with a few scattered clouds, nice crisp air and a slight breeze.  I look down to notice he is covered in blood…my blood.  He was screaming at passerbyers to call 911 then he looked at me.  He was crying telling me to hold on.  I just kept saying “I dont want to die…please dont let me die..” over and over.  He told me to hold on and keep my eyes open, dont pass out.  Well this was a struggle and slowly I lost.  Eventually i slowly faded out; sight first, then sound and touch, I faded into blackness.  I was in this darkness for  a few minutes just aware I was there but not really anywhere and then I woke up here.

I woke up with a horrible migraine that started on my forehead and wrapped to the back of my head, down my neck.  It felt like i had suffered from whiplash and banged my head on something…something incredibly hard.  But i hadn’t moved from where i slept.  This headache lasted with me all day and some of the following day.  This dream really made me question a lot of things just because of how real it was and the fact that i woke up with a headache in a similar area.  I didn’t have any sinus pressure, im not sick, i had no aliments when i went to bed and i dont really move much at night.  This dream really just freaked me out and i want to know your opinions.