Pregnant Update

Well, I know I haven’t been on in a while.  I’ve had a hectic few months but I plan on doing this on a daily basis again.  I am now currently pregnant as of May and my dreams have gotten a lot different to say the least.  I find that I am more willing to fight whatever is coming after me in my dreams because I am aware that I am pregnant and want to protect my child.  I’ll start with a simple dream I had about 2 months in before we knew what the sex of our baby was going to be.

     There was a baby in a blue onesie laying on what appeared to be a changing table.  I was standing over this baby and I knew in the dream that they were my child and I had an overwhelming sense of happiness and warmth overtake me.  I wanted to figure out if my child was a boy or a girl so I started with the girl name.  I said “Sylvia Grace?” and my child just looked at me not really making a sound. I then said “Carter Thomas?” and my child laughed and giggled and then I knew he was a boy.

I woke up and it wasn’t until the very end of August that we found out that we were indeed having a boy.  Everyone except for my grandmother thought I was having a girl, but my boyfriend and I did really want a boy so it was definitely a pleasant surprise! 

I’ve had some nightmares but mainly now I am having weird food dreams; taco pizzas and broccoli with cheese seem to be the main two and typically I crave those foods the next day.

For now I will end here but will update with any interesting and new dreams I may have, thanks for reading!

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