This Smile Never Fades

This is the dream that I had last night.  It was a lot more vivid than the ones that I have been having lately and emotion was involved.  Today I feel a little more drained and tired but that’s what happens to me when I have these dreams.

In the dream the guy, Christopher, was my brother and he decided to go into the military.  When he was deployed, a huge attack happened to their base and only a few survived.  There was a big ceremony for the few that did and it was in a enormous auditorium filled from floor to ceiling with seats; only a little room at the front for a floor before the stage.  My dad gave me his ticket and he and my sister sat further back.  The Spokeslady expounded of bravery and other things and then we stood up and pledged allegiance but it wasn’t to an American flag.  It was black with some stars scattered through the middle.  Then the lady said only close relatives of the people who were in the service could come back and see if their relative survived.  I ran down the steps and onto the stage; “let Kristen through” the lady holding back the backstage curtain said.  Then there he was.  Christopher Hansen (which Hansen isn’t even my last name).  I hugged him so tight and he had a huge smile on his face; happy as always.  I told him how proud I was of him and I was surprised he was doing so well considering he lost his friends.  He just looked at me and said “I always do well sis, it was bad but this smile never fades.”

Then I woke up.

Thanks for reading and as always what do you think?

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