The dream starts out and I hadn’t seen N in a while so it was just Milah, one of our dogs, and I.  We were walking through this area, it looked like a war torn area with dilapidated buildings and broken trees.  Just a very unpleasent area and we were with a group of people; it was very dangerous because the person who was leading us I knew had bad intentions for us.  At one point we come across this alleyway and as we round the corner of the building Milah ran toward this one spot, under what I believe use to be an awning, and she began to dig.  She found this big thing of treasure and that is when the leader ended up catching up to us and he was very upset..he grabbed his gun and loaded two bullets.  He wanted credit for finding the treasure so he was going to kill Milah and I so he could take that credit.  I was running towards him and the shotgun when he pulled the trigger; the bullet was stuck!  I grabbed the barrel and began to wrestle him when he shot another round but again the bullet was stuck!  I ended up overtaking him and that is when N showed up and he asked what was going on.  I explained to him that “somehow we got stuck with this group of people and the leader of the group was trying to kill us and then Milah had found the hidden treasure that the guy was looking for.  Soooo he was going to kill us then I overtook him and here we are.”  N and I held onto the guy until the cops came and that was the end of the dream.

Intense dream! Thanks for reading and as always what do you think?

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