Second Dimension

I have been very sick the past few days so I will have two dreams to catch you up on; this one is one that I had last night and it is a little jumbled but very weird.  The second one I wrote down so I wouldn’t forget, I had that dream two days ago.

I’m in a room of people, not sure if they are friends or what but there is this big purple hole in the wall in front of me but up out of reach.   The room has old wood floors wood walls…just wood planks basically make up this room with this big purple hole (almost like a black hole with movement) up out of reach.  There is a couch to the right of me where a guy sits and two others stand in front of him.  He has apparently just came back through that hole but he left something important on the other side.  So the two other people (a girl and a guy we will call them girl A and guy C)  have to get through that hole to take care of whatever is going on on the other side.  They grab from the wall what I can only describe as blue masking tape, and bungee themselves up and through the hole.  Before they do that though, they yell at me to go with them.  So after they are through, I attempt to do the same thing but the blue tape comes peeling off the wall and the wall starts bleeding as if I just ripped skin off a person.  So now there is this big purple black hole and the wall is bleeding and I need to get to the other side. Girl A pokes her head back through and taunts me “come on don’t be scared just get in here we need you!”  The blue tape appears again but right next to the bleeding strips, and I try again and though I make it, the tape rips down again and causes a bigger wound to the house.  Now on the other side there are larger than life tables and chairs and the room is all white. The room is almost like a giant lives there.  There is a white cat on this side and it is the problem.  It is able to kill you, not entirely sure how but I knew that it was why we were over here in the first place.  There was also a baby over here and the baby  was what the guy on the couch accidentally left in this dimension.  Guy C had grabbed the baby and the cat went ballistic while girl A tried to fight it off and guy C bungeed himself back to the other side with the baby.  We were mid fight and then…

I woke up.  That was it.  Very strange and weird dream even for me.

I hope you enjoyed and please, tell me what you think!

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