I woke up early this morning so I could write this before work…the details tend to get hazy sometimes as the day goes on so…here it is…breakup

I was with my now boyfriend (in real life) and we owned a house that looked different from the one we have now.  This house had three bedrooms all upstairs and the floors were like those in a horror movie; creaky old wooden floors.  One day I came home from work to find out that he was in love with someone else and wanted to be with her instead.  I, of course, was very distraught and asked “what about the dogs? what about everything we’ve been through? what about us!”  He had a blank look and said we will figure out what to do with the dogs and that I could live in the spare bedroom until I found a place to live.  I ran into that spare room crying and calling my dad saying I didn’t know what to do or what i was going to do.  Soon after my room was boarded up and I was told by the new girlfriend that I had to go and he backed her.  Eventually I was on the streets and one day I ran into him and begged him to try again with me.  That I loved him and wanted only him and didn’t understand why he’d do this.

Then I woke up.  I had a headache that felt like i was crying for hours with no tears.  This doesn’t end here though…I fell back to sleep and the next post is that crazy dream!

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