Alternate Realities

So this is a nightmare I experienced only a few days ago that made me contemplate alternate realities for a few hours.  I was glad I did not have to work that day because it affected me for almost two days.

I was standing on a balcony of a sort in a city i did not know, but it was obvious that I had lived there for a while and I was laughing with friends I didn’t recognize.  I lost my balance though and plummeted three to four stories to the ground, in slow motion until my head bounced off the ground.  From down the hill my husband (my now boyfriend in reality) came running up the street.  He scooped me in his arms and I take in my surroundings.  A beautiful sunny day, blue skies with a few scattered clouds, nice crisp air and a slight breeze.  I look down to notice he is covered in blood…my blood.  He was screaming at passerbyers to call 911 then he looked at me.  He was crying telling me to hold on.  I just kept saying “I dont want to die…please dont let me die..” over and over.  He told me to hold on and keep my eyes open, dont pass out.  Well this was a struggle and slowly I lost.  Eventually i slowly faded out; sight first, then sound and touch, I faded into blackness.  I was in this darkness for  a few minutes just aware I was there but not really anywhere and then I woke up here.

I woke up with a horrible migraine that started on my forehead and wrapped to the back of my head, down my neck.  It felt like i had suffered from whiplash and banged my head on something…something incredibly hard.  But i hadn’t moved from where i slept.  This headache lasted with me all day and some of the following day.  This dream really made me question a lot of things just because of how real it was and the fact that i woke up with a headache in a similar area.  I didn’t have any sinus pressure, im not sick, i had no aliments when i went to bed and i dont really move much at night.  This dream really just freaked me out and i want to know your opinions.

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